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Installation of In-Line Filter for 
Black Ink Pump 

Revision 2.3 DRAFT— March 29, 1989 

© 1989 IRIS Graphics, Inc. 

Reproduction of this document in any form without express written permission of IRIS 

Graphics, Inc., is prohibited. 

The IRIS logo, IRIS Series 3000, and IRIS 3024 are trademarks of IRIS Graphics, Inc. 

IRIS Graphics, Inc. 

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Bedford, Massachusetts 01 730 Telex (51 0) 601 -6598 

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IRIS TECHNICAL NOTE: Installation of In-Line Filter for Black Ink Pump 

Page 2 


Installation of In-Line Filter for Black Ink 

This procedure describes how to install the Kit Filter — 25 mm. (IRIS part 
number 01565-001 — Rev. B) into the ink line that runs between the black ink 
pump (pump no. 4) and the black ink nozzle. Installation of this assembly is 
designed to protect the nozzle assembly from failure due to aggregation of particles 
in IRIS black ink (part number 01164-005). 

WARNING: During normal operation, ink lines are subjected to ink pressures of 
up to 725 lbs. per square inch. It is crucial in re-routing ink lines to take great care 
not to stretch, pinch or otherwise crimp or damage ink lines. Do not bend the lines 


Installation Procedure 

1. Turn off the printer (using the circuit breaker or the On/Off Switch on the 
right front of the printer), open the printer cover, and remove all four ink 

2. Insert vents (for example, hollow coffee stirrers) through the septum of all 
bottles to eliminate ink seepage from bottles. 

3. Remove the two screws that secure the Ink Pump Cover (IRK 
01139-001) and lift out the cover. 

4. Stop here and take a moment to examine the filter. You will note that the 

INLET side of the filter is 

marked with a black dot. If 
there is no dot present, you 
can identify the INLET side 
as the side to which the 
bracket is mounted. If the fil- 
ter assembly is not oriented 
correctly, the filter will be 

5. Remove both dummy plugs 
from the kit filter and save 
them. Be sure that the O- 
rings remain in the filter. 


M6 Threaded 






Installation of In-line Filter for Black Ink Pump 

Rev. 2.3 DRAFT 3-29-89 

TD 01566-203 

IRIS TECHNICAL-NOTE: Installation of In-Line Filter for Black Ink Pump 


Original Black 

Ink Line 

(to Nozzle) 

Placement of Kit 
Filter Assembly 

INLET Side of Filter 


M6 Fitting for 
Ink Line 

Screw Hole for 
Ink Pump Cover 

New Ink Link 
(Supplied with Kit) 


Front of Printer 

6. Unscrew the existing black ink line at the pump end. Move the pump aside 
and cut the plastic tie-down (if any) that secures the four ink lines in the ink 
pan. Be very careful not to cut or even nick an ink line as you cut the plastic 
tie-down. Do not spill ink on the pump electronics. Be sure to wipe up any 
ink spilled in this process. 

7. Identify the black ink line as it exits the ink pan through the grommet and 
gently pull the line through the grommet hole and completely out of the pan. 
Coil the ink line carefully and attach it to the OUTLET side of the filter 

8. Note that the ink line supplied with the filter assembly is between 1 8 and 24 
inches long and may include a splice. Connect one end of this to the fitting 
on the pump from which you had previously removed the original ink line. 
Be certain that the Orings are in place within the fitting. Route the ink line 
along the right side of the pump (as you face the front of the machine). Pass 
it under the pump and through the grommet hole. Attach the other end to the 
INLET side of the Kit Filter. Dress the lines under the pump so that they do 
not interfere with pump movements, making sure that there are no sharp 
bends in the lines. 

9. Take a moment to review the routing and position of the ink lines. Use the 
illustration for comparison. Then, after you have made sure that the ink 
pump is properly seated, reinsert the black ink bottle, turn the printer on, and 
run the knife-edge adjustment procedure for pump number 4. (You can leave 
the Ink Pump Cover off and allow the filter to rest next to the pan until you 


Installation of In-line Filter for Black Ink Pump 

Rev. 13 DRAFT 3*29-89 TD 01566-203 

IRIS TECHNICAL NOTE: Installation of In-Llne Filter for Black Ink Pump 

Page 4 


have completed testing and adjustment.) 

10. Turn off the printer and inspect all lines and connections for leaks. 

11. If there are no leaks, remove the black ink bottle and reinstall the ink pump 
cover, taking care to align the hole on the Kit Filter bracket with the screw 
hole for the cover. The filter sits outside the ink pan, as shown in the 
illustration, and is held in place by the cover screw. Be sure that ink lines 
and wires are not pinched when you reinstall the cover. 

12. Reinsert the ink bottles and turn the printer back on. 

Filter Maintenance 

The black ink pump filter described in this document has an expected life of 50 
bottles of the IRIS black ink (part number 01164-005). A HIGH PRESSURE — 
PUMP 4 error message may indicate that the filter is clogged. If you encounter this 
error message, contact IRIS Graphics for Technical Service for procedural instruc- 
tions. If you need to ship the kit filter to IRIS Graphics for repair or replacement, 
reinstall the plugs that you removed from the filter before you ship it 



Installation of In-line Filter for Black Ink Pump 

Rev. 2,3 DRAFT 3-29-80 


TD 01566-203